Published On: Sun, Dec 13th, 2020

Yemen Refugees flee to Somalia for Safety.


Somalia is the new home for 30,560 people who have fled the fighting in Yemen and are trying to adjust to life in a country that – while no longer written off as a “failed state” – certainly has its challenges.

By Mohamed Omar Mulla in Gardo, Puntland

Many who once left Somalia, fleeing war, are now returning, fleeing a different war. For the vast majority of those who have landed by boat in the autonomous regions of Puntland and Somaliland since March last year are Somalis, embarking from Yemen’s southern ports. They had either earlier crossed the Gulf of Aden to escape Somalia’s long-standing conflict, looking to transit north to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, or were part of an old Somali community that had settled in Yemen as traders.

But at least 4,360 of the new arrivals are Yemenis who paid the roughly $150 boat fare to escape the violence and resultant humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where 21.1 million people – 80 percent of the population – require some form of humanitarian protection or assistance.

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Yemen Refugees flee to Somalia for Safety.
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