Published On: Wed, Sep 20th, 2017

Under Siege CJ Maraga Speaks

Kenya’s Chief Justice, and President of the Supreme Court. Justice David Maraga, on Tuesday came out strong and straight to the point in a live address to the Media (topilyambila writes).

Justice Maraga who was flanked by members of the Judicial Service Commission among them Judges of the Supreme Court has for the past 2-3 weeks since his historic ruling that nullified the Presidential Elections, been an unpopular man especially among President Uhuru’s tribe the Agikuyu and a section of the Kalenjin tribe where the Deputy President hails from.

The Jubillee Party and its supporters believe that the Victory was ‘stolen’ from them by the 1st September ruling and are now mounting pressure – claiming they will not settle for anything short of a reinstatement.

In the past few days there have been reported demonstrations by, it is believed, supporters of the ruling party Jubilee supporters whom, on Monday and Tuesday barricaded sections of the highway from Nakuru to Nairobi targeting NASA sympathizers who frequently use the route to their rural homes and back to Nairobi.

The opposition is questioning the response of the Kenya Police who appear to condone the violence from the Jubilee Supporters, as they do not attack them with the ferocity and urgency they usually display against NASA (opposition) supporters.

This is a point that Justice Maraga, also outlined in his terse press address on Tuesday. Among others the Justice who made history as Kenya became the first country in Africa to nullify a presidential election, reiterated his standpoint indicating that neither him or the Judiciary will allow themselves to be cowed by the ill-mannered demonstrations or threats from senior Government aficionados. Key points from Justice Maraga’s speech included;


  1. We are ready to pay the ultimate price to protect the rule of law and the constitution of our county.
  2. We have never dictated to the executive how to carry out their duties, they should keep off our work. We will not be cowed.
  3. Anyone who does not want a strong and independent judiciary should call for a referendum, threats on rallies will not intimidate us.
  4. We know those who are issuing threats and propaganda to the judges of Kenya, if anything happens to a judge or any member of their families we would personally hold those people responsible.
  5. We will remain independent and do our work, keep your threats to you and your family. I only fear God.


The opposition coalition, NASA, has laid out a series of demands, which include re-tendering the printing of ballot papers and the sacking of election officials, that it says should be met before it takes part in the repeat elections.

On Tuesday, Mr Kenyatta said the election “must be done within 60 days” in accordance with the constitution, adding that it should be conducted by Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

The Supreme Court’s full judgment and further details on why the poll was annulled are due to be made public on Wednesday.






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Under Siege CJ Maraga Speaks
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