Published On: Wed, Apr 28th, 2021

Uhuru speaks to Boris on everything but Kenya’s prime position on the UK’s Covid Red List’

Kenya is amongst the countries listed on the UK’s red list, meaning travellers who have transited through Kenya are barred from entering the UK. Kenya’s inclusion on the list caused uproar amongst Kenyans, and through the Ministry of Kenya’s foreign affairs, the response was in equal measure, travellers from the UK to Kenya are to face similar treatment. This kind of politics , because it is just what it is affects ordinary people and has caused great anger and anxiety to many including Businesses, Kenyan Students and families wishing to travel home. So when news broke that President Kenyatta and Boris Johnson had spoken, many hoped it was time to remove Kenya from the list.

However according to press releases from the UK Government and Kenya, the conversations focused on the Global Education summit aimed at ensuring access to education to over 175 million children, action on climate change ahead of COP26 which the UK is hosting and regional politics. The presser mentions that the leaders also spoke about Corona Virus but no specific details. As the host of COP26, having Kenya support’s  UK’s climate change agenda will be a great boost to PM Johnson’s profile whos administration ratings are at a record low due to his handling of the COVID 19 pandemic (to date, sadly over 150,000 Britons have died from Covid related causes since the outbreak) and just like Kenya ( a tale of two countries), Boris’s teams have been accused of nepotism /fraud, accused of taking advantage of the Pandemic to give procurement contracts to his cronies’ Read about the Dyson Scandal.  Seems COVID Millionaires and tenderpreneurs are not only a thing for Kenya.

In that regard I suppose the two leaders had plenty to speak about.

It is indeed frustrating, and for Kenyans who elected the President would have liked  him to task the Prime Ministers on the UK’s Vaccine Nationalism despite empty promises’ of working together’ UK has access to over  4 times more vaccine than needed, whilst countries like Kenya are struggling to access the Vaccine. Also the President should have asked for  Kenya to be removed from the red list as the country has handled the pandemic slightly better than the UK and has managed to mitigate the spread of COVID. The president should have insisted that having Kenya and the  other 17 other African countries  also redlisted was discriminating and goes against the global efforts of stopping the virus.

Kenya has been anything but a great partner for the UK (signing the Economic partnership agreement) EPA which guarantees continuation of trade between the two countries and providing a training base for UK’s military. In return the Boris Johnson Government has cut its international aid budget that Kenya taps into particularly for development purposes. This partnership isn’t equal and its time Kenya pushed for more.

Kenya’s President should have represented  the Mwananchi on this call, we are his constituents but as long as Kenya’s on this discriminating list, and for as long as Kenyans struggle to access the vaccine, he really didn’t




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Uhuru speaks to Boris on everything but Kenya’s prime position on the UK’s Covid Red List’
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