Unwanted at Home and abroad ‘ Kenyans in the Diaspora protest Government Negligence.

Kenyans in the Diaspora are frustrated and accuse the Government of neglecting them. We are much more than the Remittance we send home, they said. Unwanted at home and abroad –

”They let politicians, civil servants steal billions of cash”. Public servants (Diplomats’) live like Kings in Kenya Embassies’ abroad on public money, yet the country cannot afford to evacuate Kenyans who are stranded abroad”.  said a Kico official who requested anonymity.

Kenyans seeking evacuation from foreign countries hit by Covid-19 pandemic have been told to pay for their own flights by the same Government officials who only last week were alleged to side with the Chinese Government over racial discrimination of Kenyans.

In the UK, with no support from the Embassy, Kenyans have set up online community groups in various cities where they are constantly checking on each other. This community initiative amongst Kenyans is also taking place in Nigeria, Germany, and the US. Most Kenyans abroad are front line workers either in healthcare or logistics services and therefore very vulnerable, and without a credible database, they have been left to fend for themselves.

Ngethe Wa Mbiyu the Chairman of the UK lobby group has protested against the Government’s Negligence.  ‘We are having to fundraise for vulnerable students and others who have lost their jobs, what is the work of the Kenya Missions abroad?. What do they really do, beyond posting on twitter?.

Kenyans in the UK like in China in a communique on the Kenya High Commission website have been asked to get in touch with the embassy if they wanted to be evacuated, but the communication stresses this will be at one’s cost.

Elsewhere Kenyans have gone on social platform to condemn the Governments call for Kenyans stranded to meet their own travel cost’

‘Asking distraught Kenyans in China to pay for their tickets home and COVID-19 tests is unacceptable! We have quarantine centers for that. The government announced that over ksh 1b has been raised for the COVID-19 fund. Surely part of that money can be used to evacuate our people’ – Musalia Mudavadi.

“We want the government to allocate sufficient funds for consular services,” said Shem Ochuodho, the Global Chairperson of the Kenya Diaspora Alliance.


Kenyans in the Diaspora in 2018, sent over kshs 270 Billion more than the revenue from the Flowers they recently sent to the UK , coffee and Teas, they are just more than the remittance they sent.

When the plight of Kenyans in the Diaspora came to light over a month ago, the Cabinet secretary for Finance said funds would be arranged to evacuate the Kenyans but this request had to come from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To date , all we have had from the ministry is the directive for Kenyans to meet their own travel cost.




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Unwanted at Home and abroad ‘ Kenyans in the Diaspora protest Government Negligence.
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