Published On: Thu, May 27th, 2021

Dominic Cummings’ (the ex chief aide to UK’s PM ) interview expose’

Source: ITV

Boris Johnson was “unfit for the job” of prime minister and Health Secretary Matt Hancock should have been sacked, Dominic Cummings has said.

In lengthy testimony to MPs, he said his relationship with Mr Johnson had soured because “the prime minister knew I blamed him for the whole situation and I did”.

He said that by the end of October their relationship had “essentially already finished” after disagreements over the handling of the coronavirus crisis.

“The heart of the problem was fundamentally I regarded him as unfit for the job and I was trying to create a structure around him to try and stop what I thought were extremely bad decisions and push other things through against his wishes,” Mr Cummings told the combined Health and Technology committees.

“He had the view that he was Prime Minister and I should just be doing what he wanted me to.”

Mr Cummings also called for an immediate inquiry into the pandemic, saying “tens of thousands of people died who didn’t need to die” from coronavirus.

He told MPs a lot of the problems causing the death of so many were “still in place now”.

He added: “And the longer it’s delayed, the more people will rewrite memories, the more documents will go astray, the more the whole thing will just become cancerous.”

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Dominic Cummings’ (the ex chief aide to UK’s PM ) interview expose’
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