Published On: Sun, Jun 17th, 2018

Africa’s World Cup? – Think Again.

The World’s greatest soccer centerpiece the World Cup; drew open it’s curtain on Thursday at Moscow’s Luzhnik Stadium (writes topi Lyambila). The one-month tournament featuring 32 teams with 5 from Africa.

Saying this year’s FIFA World Cup is Africa’s to take is just as far fetched as saying the 2018 Kenyan Budget is the Common Man’s budget.

The kick-off was Thursday, just as the country’s budget was read.

Five slots for the African continent, but one wonders just how deserving we are. Apart from the representational opportunity, one wonders (going by the matches so far) whether Africa is indeed competently utilizing these chance at the World Cup.

8 matches gone, this is Sunday morning, Senegal and Tunisia have yet to play their first games, and fans on the continent are shaking their heads after Morocco lost 0-1 to Iran, Nigeria 0-2 to Croatia, and Egypt went down 0-1 to Uruguay.

Egypt termed Salah-less will next face hosts Russia in St. Petersburg on Tuesday, with the knowledge that the hosts are on a roll after blanking Saudi Arabia 5-0 in the opening game in the Luzhinik stadium.

Nigeria crashed to Croatia in a game that saw the Africans looking like some randomly picked college team in a Summer Camp game. Disjointed, clueless and lost are some of the terms used to describe the dismal performance in the Kaliningrad stadium on Saturday. They must wake up from that slumber if they wish to advance to the second round. However given the showcase between Iceland and Argentina this may dissolve into a pipedream.

All black Africa’s eyes will be training on Senegal on Tuesday for salvation. Senegal play against Poland in group that also has Colombia and Japan. This might also turn out to be the ‘Group of Death’ as there are no outright favourites.

Sunday 17th is another mouth watering stage as favourites Brazil face off with Switzerland in group E which has Costa Rica and Serbia.




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Africa’s World Cup? – Think Again.
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