Published On: Fri, Dec 7th, 2012

Luhya Vote Critical

Uhuru Kenyatta-William Ruto – Musalia Mudavadi Coalition

The current political re-positioning has brought about a very interesting race for the Presidential crown in the forth coming Kenya General Elections.

Up until last week, there was no definitive way that even the greatest political pundits in the country were struggling to come to terms with.  Provisionally, the understanding is that the ICC accused are still on the ballot either in person or by proxy.

For some obscure reason; the deadline for political party hopping set for the 4th December 2012, has given Kenyans a fresh glimpse to the unfortunate and pathetic underbelly that is Kenyan politics.

It has exposed what many of us in the Diaspora already knew that our third world politics is still a long way coming. N Parties are formed without principle and instead are formed and characterised on the lead player.  There are no policy guidelines that dictate the allegiance like it is the Western World.

Political parties talk policy and issues which they hardly believe in, and this is without exception that is why it is so easy for Uhuru who was the purported Chairman of KANU could wake up and decide he was forming TNA , without a flip of an eyelid.  It boggles the mind to just begin to imagine which party people from Central province are going to support.

But we all know that for them the issue is not the party, but the individual.  It was interesting to see the Central province politicians tearing Musalia Mudavadi, who they were recently praising, just because it was suggested that he would be the man to carry the mantle instead of their ‘Mondo wa Nyumba’ Uhuru Kenyatta.

It was quite laughable when Musalia came to London a few weeks ago and the people championing his visit were Kikuyus in the Diaspora! Now suddenly they have gone quiet and are watching from the sidelines as the man from Mululu is told a few truths that he never knew would come so soon.

From yesterday’s ranting, Uhuru Kenyatta is still the main man for TNA (aka Party of the House).  Something else that emerged in yesterday’s Nairobi press conference is that a section of the Central province brigade actually stated categorically (almost everyone at the meeting was speaking categorically anyways) that should Uhuru not be on the ballot, then the vote –“Al roads would lead to Bondo” – that’s PM Raila Odinga’s backyard (ODM).

This particularly was shocking, as the gentlemen hardly mentioned the other senior partner in the coalition, one Mister William Samoei Ruto of URP.

PM Raila must be scratching his head wondering how he is going to restructure his house (ODM), with the return of formerly senior partner Kalonzo Musyoka of Wiper, who apparently swept across the Rift Valley with the entire Kambaland entourage, complete with Mama Charity Ngilu.

In the early shivers, nobody is even remembering we have other contenders in Peter Kenneth the ‘Tuwesmake’ man, Raphael Tuju and Martha Karua.  Like in athletics, when we have a section of the elite runners jostling for positions and assuming the race is theirs, an outsider usually sneaks in to take the honours.  With the jostling going on and given a Kenyan electorate that has been energised through the internet social networks I personally will not be surprised if these dark horses emerge as the kingpins come March 4th 2013.

What is apparent however is that the Western provincial vote largely Luhya, which is never cast as a block, could merge as critical in the forthcoming presidential elections.  The province has representations in the two main factions, one led by Uhuru – where Musalia is and the one led by PM Raila Odinga who has agreed to host Ford Kenya’s Moses Wetangula.  With rumours circulating that Eugene Wamalwa of New Ford Kenya is eyeing the Raila camp this province could prove a catch.

The social media -FB, Twitter, news blogs and online newspapers are burning rubber on the political strategies that a-were employed or are employing – by the various political protagonists especially those gunning for the presidency.  For many it is political doom, while for most it is unsure footing all the way.

Even the political commentators are beginning to tread with caution when it comes to giving points to the achievers and non-achievers.  Watch this space.

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Luhya Vote Critical
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