London Mayor Elections ‘ The battle of the Faiths’ As Africa Diaspora prepares to vote

File Pic : Zac Goldsmith with Khan

File Pic : Zac Goldsmith with Khan

‘The Battle of Faiths’ as Africa Diaspora prepares to cast Vote

London is home to over 300,000 Africans according to 2011 census . These Africans Diaspora with permanent  residence status, dual nationality and those who belong to the common wealth will take part in the Mayoral elections on the 5th of May.

Whilst it would seem obvious that majority would vote for one of ‘their own’ in Sadiq Khan,the Labour candidate and a son of a Pakistan immigrant, many we spoke to are uncomfortable with a Muslim mayor for London and maybe just the swing vote that will save the conservative ‘s candidate Zac Goldsmith.

Many African Diaspora  traditionally lean towards  Labour and the liberal parties with very few belonging to the Tories .

This  election according to many goes beyond the party politics, Its about the values that London stands for, a diverse , unique city where every race, religion is welcome. But there is a strong feeling that the Sadiq’s religious links may just be what alienates him from the Diaspora Vote”. A Diasporian told our reporter.

”The type of politics we are witnessing in London are what made me flee my country , Politics of religion and race with no regard to the general welfare of Londoners” .   ‘ I will vote for Zac, to safeguard London’s Identity , I don’t have a choice ”.  ‘John spoke to Kenya London News.

Interestingly  majority of Kenyans in London  who this writer spoke to , despite having issues with Boris Johnson comments ‘PartKenyan’ in reference to #Obama strongly felt that Public service  particularly education and transport  would improve under Zac Goldsmith.

It has become the battle of the religions , with those of Muslim faith saying they will vote for Sadiq and the others holding up for Zac. This has a lot to do with the narrative driven by the UK’s Media, who have focused more on the candidates religion, race and upbringing than on their manifestos.

The Africa Diaspora strongly feel that London matters to them more than any other elections and many will be participating in the elections for the first time.

Labour’s Sadiq Khan is favourite to win against Conservative Candidate Zac Goldsmith.


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London Mayor Elections ‘ The battle of the Faiths’ As Africa Diaspora prepares to vote
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