Published On: Wed, Oct 1st, 2014

Kenya’s story makes International Headlines

This time last year, Kenya’s future looked uncertain. The once admired Africa Democracy was crumbling from all sides. Faced by tremendous challenges e.g Al Shaabab attacks, Travel Advisories from Europe, America and other corners of this world,high inflation rate, youth unemployment, rising wage bill and a declining Kenya shilling. It  looked like game over for Kenya. Slowly we were headed to join the long list of ‘Africa’s failed states.

Kenya’s economy grows by 25% after recalculation

Agnes Gitau discuss

But on that dark Saturday morning, Kenyans stood united , the political classs, private sector and ordinary citizens joined hands defyed the naysayers and vowed to restore Kenya’s glory. Remember #Weareone.

The westgate attack was followed by numerous other attacks. But Kenyans chugged on slowly, every day working harder, paying taxes, it didn’t matter what the political class did.  Nobody was going to stop this nation.

Kenya’s institutions managed the economy despite the tremendous challenges. And suddenly this June, Kenya’s star started to shine, The news of 5 times oversubcription of the Eurobond was a confidence vote.  Even the fisherman in Lake Victoria was discussing the Eurobond. It was great news. And the trend has continued, Early September 25 British companies led by City of London, Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf went to Kenya, pledging investments of over $100m.

This week, Kenya’s economy was rebased, the fugures show that Kenya’s economy is 25 % bigger than had earlier been forecasted, placing Kenya as 4th largest economy in Sub Sahara Africa.

That’s not all, Kenya’ s governance ranking according to IIAG Index by Mo Ibrahim had moved up to 17th position.  Kenya’s Dennis Kimetto had broken a world Record at the Berlin Marathon. Europe had eased travel advisory to Kenya, the list is endless.

The challenge though remains, the political class must translate this good headlines, to make sense to millions who still struggle to put food on the table. The figures give Kenya’s policy makers the tool to plan better for the future of this nation.

But after years of negative headlines, Its certainly Kenya Rising, ‘Please don’t let any politics bust this bubble’

”When Kenyans stand together, the world will do right by us” President Kenyatta addressed the nation this september.

What International Papers said

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Kenya’s story makes International Headlines
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