Kenya’s Author Yvonne Owuor talks about her latest book ‘Dust ‘

YvonneKenya’s celebrated writer Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor spoke to Julliett Forster on Friday before her debut appearance at the TedxEuston.

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Her 2014 novel Dust portrays the violent history of Kenya in the second half of the 20th century.

Book Review ( Dust) – Extracted from NYtimes

If you are looking for a tidy primer on Kenya’s postcolonial politics, read Wikipedia, not “Dust.” Owuor has said: “I wish to understand something about my country, one that murders the best of its own. What kind of nation gets terrified of a great imagination? What kind of people annihilate holders of a persistent and transcending dream?” This is a novel about Kenya, certainly, but one that leaves open the question of what Ken­ya is and whom it may kill. Owuor tells her country’s stories — and they are plural: urban, rural, Indian, English, Luos, Kikuyu — with bitter honesty. There are no blameless Kenyans in “Dust.” A noble man buries innocent victims; a suffering wife shacks up with a servant; a visionary genius consorts with thieves. There are no heroes here.

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Kenya’s Author Yvonne Owuor talks about her latest book ‘Dust ‘
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