Published On: Sat, Mar 30th, 2013

If Kenyans were allowed to speak their Mind

diaspora.Cheruo Levi Cheptora

Suppose our democracy was abreast maximum maturity such that our Law Enforcers were capable of restraining themselves and hardly letting loose their clubs and fists against an unarmed mob of distraught Kenyans; presumably, our nation would have ages ago sprang forth vocal critics and men and women of good character, devoid of witch handing, sly and shrewd gestures and perhaps we would be a celebrated and acclaimed Third World African State!

If status quo was never the basis of our ever uncharacteristic and unpredictable political arenas and that ideologies was instead at the epicentre of our ‘eternally’ growing democracy, then believe me you, this great Island of Peace and Tranquility amidst a stormy sea of warring nations would have flexed its economic, financial and social muscles to unknown magnitudes and thus liberate its tarnished image forever.

If the Kenyan Government were to allow you and me to enjoy the basic human rights in the constitution (The Bill of Rights), there would be no more distress and street demos every now and then. No doubt the rule of the law would have been upheld to the letter and the unnecessary pent up tensions would have instead been channeled to other invaluable activities.

If we the people were allowed to speak our minds, never again could we soldier on aimlessly like meek sheep, cowed and cajoled to the slaughter house. Never again could we remain mum and make it our uttermost duty witnessing the few corrupt seeds plunging our beloved nation into an abyss of future scorn and ridicule!

Indeed, one in every million would rise up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Each one of us would denounce vehemently all the known merchants of impunity with furry, without fear or even favouritism.

We would cease being shy and giggling like amateurish lovers while whispering names of shameless Kenyans whose fathers and mothers stole our wealth with gusto (are still stealing even this very minute), killed those who dared point an accusing finger at them, crippled those who walked shoulders high while denouncing their evil acts, and perhaps even threatened to slaughter your very own beloved grandmother!

Kenya would no longer be a nation of ten multi – billionaire families and slightly over Thirty Nine Million helpless beggars (Indeed, courtesy of the masses ear-splitting silence and aloofness). It would no longer be a country whose systems are enshrined in shrewdness and massive corrupt gestures; a Nation whose respectable leaders lie, kill and torture without a slight blink of eye.

If we the people were allowed to speak our minds without being intimidated, coerced and manipulated; this nation would rise up the hierarchy and be a beacon of hope to every hopeless Kenyan, a source of comfort and respect to every citizen and most importantly a role model to other so called developing nations!


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If Kenyans were allowed to speak their Mind
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