Fountain Enterprise Program (FEP) targets Diaspora Savings for Investment

Fountain Enterprise  looks to grow its Diaspora portifolio which  currently stands at 7000 and target both Diaspora savings as well as remittance . With a promise that FEP will channel Diaspora savings and remittance to profitable, sustainable investment opportunities.

Fep  Documentary : The Power of Many watch clip here

Recent report by central bank shows that Diaspora remittance rose to $117 .1 million in July 2014 up 3.8% . This money  however , goes to domestic purposes and only a small percentage goes to investment.  This is about to change with FEP who already have an impressive data of Diaspora Investors from Europe, America, Canada, Dubai ,Rwanda, South Africa, US, South Sudan, Uganda etc.  A total of 32 Diaspora destinations and growing.


FEP’s Journey

Fountain Enterprises Programme (FEP) was founded in 2002, as a private company with the mission to transform communities by empowering them through the pooling of resources. Through the ‘’Power of Many”, the programme invests in resources in an optimal, innovative and sustainable way to maximize returns for its shareholders.

The organisation grew rapidly over a period of 7 years and in 2009, FEP Holdings Limited was incorporated. The Holding company, with over 30,000 investors has recently converted in a Public Limited Company and is looking to launch its Initial Public offering (IPO) later this year. The company’s top management led by Arch. John Kithara will be discussing their investment portfolio with the Kenya Diaspora in the UK prior to the launch of the IPO and to offer them the opportunity to invest in the company.

The company’s business portfolio range include Security services, Real Estate, Supermarkets – (Sundeck supermarkets), Sundeck Hotel in Sagan, Leisure, Travel and Tourism, Media, ICT, Mobile Money transfer, Sacco and Schools.

FEP who have recently been issued with a micro finance licence will be issuing an IPO in the coming months and have planned some roadshows in particular targeting Kenyans in the UK and the US.

Europ and America contribute to over 70% of Diaspora remittance therefore a key market.

The UK roadshow will take place on the 10th of October in Central London and is cordinated by the Kenya High Commission, London Africa MEDIA Network and East Africa Business Network.

For more details email the commercial office at



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Fountain Enterprise Program (FEP) targets Diaspora Savings for Investment
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