Published On: Thu, Dec 28th, 2017

Find a friend – City start up OkHi launches a real time sharing app

A Nairobi-based start-up, OkHi, has launched an app that enables people to share their real-time location with other individuals or businesses.

This will also enable people to locate each over without trouble and give a boost to the delivery and transport business in the city.

OkHi’s in-app features also makes it possible for a user to access other applications within it, including Uber and some food delivery apps, making it user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The new consumer app comes after the firm branched out from its core business of integrating OkHi within the infrastructure of various businesses.

Businesses using the app include ArtCaffe Group, 360 Pizza, Yum Deliveries and Hotpoint. The firm says that OkHi has so far surpassed 100,000 customer deliveries in Nairobi.

“Our goal is for OkHi to be the solution that empowers people to be found, and as a result be included in the new digital economy.

OkHi addresses location in a completely new way, allowing people to own, update and customise their location to share with the people and services they want, without the frustration of battling the ‘uko wapi’[where are you?] challenge” said OkHi Co-Founder and CEO Timbo Drayson.

After research and testing, we learned that normal directions continue to be one of the largest constraints.

“The battle of identifying a location by speedbumps and trees is still commonplace. Access to services hinges on accurate location identification, so we’re now giving users a better way to own their location and control who accesses it,” said Mr Drayson.


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Find a friend – City start up OkHi launches a real time sharing app
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