Published On: Sat, Mar 9th, 2013

End of the Road for the Odinga Dynasty?

Outgoing Prime Minister Raila Odinga who lost to Uhuru Kenyatta

Outgoing Prime Minister Raila Odinga who lost to Uhuru Kenyatta

The outgoing Prime Minister and Presidential hopeful Raila Aqwambo Odinga, had it all in his hands and according to close observers threw it away. Here are a few factors that point to what maybe the last nail in the Jaramogi coffin.

Top of the agenda is the fact the the PM surrounds himself with people who add little or no value to his aspirations.

The PM also finds it difficult to seek and acknowledge advise from those who he considers  not in his team. His people diversity is narrowed.

The PM is also accused of being a big receiver but a bad giver – this coming from his very close associates past and present. He is tight on his purse, a key factor in this election where on the contrary his rivals were splashing out the cash and using it to their full advantage to mobilise and channel support.

At some point observers feel that the PM took too much for granted, and assumed the presidency was his for the taking especially in the event that his key rivals were facing charges at the ICC.  His supporters also rested on their laurels in the thinking that the ICC charge and its related consequences would weigh down on the Kenyans’ choice of the next Commander-in-Chief.

The PM also came out as a bad community organiser.  He concentrated his campaigns on the urban communities with little attention to the grassroots.  In essence he should have borrowed a leaf from another ‘Kenyan’ political icon president Barack Obama of the United States.  Obama is a man who grew his political career from the alleys of Chicago as a community support lawyer and organizer, built his CV quietly, and did not need a political ‘father’ to launch him into the scene.

Is it over for Aqwambo? …. and if so…..Who next to re-ignite the Odinga legacy?

The analogy continues…watch this space.

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End of the Road for the Odinga Dynasty?
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