Published On: Wed, Feb 13th, 2013

Arise TV: Launches in London

ARISE TV ..up and Running.

ARISE TV ..up and Running.

The TV station, which has Africa as its focus was launched last week after two days of test broadcasting from its news centres in New York, Johannesburg, Lagos and London. And its founder said it would be live on cable, satellite, the Internet and mobile devices.

I had the privilege of being on the 5 O’Oclock Live bulletin on Tuesday, and looking around the seemingly crowded 5th Floor studios of ARISE TV in the Westminster Area along the Albert Embankment, these guys mean business.

It also gave me this feeling that only those that have been to a new start-up venture can empathise with. The enthusiasm in the studios and hallways, make-up artists, programmers, editors and producers, kind of got me reminiscing the early days of KTN, when the force and thrust of everyone was focussed on that 9 )’clock bulletin, the Prime News at 9 was the epitome of the Station’s productions and it is what eventually gave the station the edge over the competition.

For someone who as been in quite a few Broadcasting Studios around the world, the small establishment oozing with professionalism was a clear impression that these guys could/are going places. News Anchors on the day were Jeff Koinange and Debbie both giving very powerful performances…a sign of things to come.

Surprisingly, while the TV station announced it is putting things in order for its smooth take-off  in Nigeria in March, the National Broadcasting Commission[NBC] has denied knowledge of the existence of the station and its readiness to begin full broadcasting operation in the country.

NBC, in a statement last Wednesday, said Nduka’s new television channel had not been licensed to operate in Nigeria.

According its founder,  “ARISE.TV is expected to do an in-depth coverage of Africa with some of the world’s best news producers and TV news experts such as Rob Beynon, a former executive producer with ITN and Sky News and Lyne Pitts, a former Vice President of NBC News and an Executive Producer with CBS America.

Nigerian-born John Chiahemen, a former Reuters bureau chief is its Managing Editor and Head of Africa and Jeff Koinange, an Emmy award winning reporter and formerly CNN’s star Africa reporter will be based in Johannesburg as an anchorman and correspondent.”

He said the TV message about Africa will be concise and direct. He argued that contrary to what international media would have people believe, there is good news coming out of the continent and much to celebrate. Africans, and people of African descent around the world, have not only achieved landmark successes in fields as varied as music, fashion, business and politics they have formulated and spearheaded solutions to Africa’s many challenges.

He said a sister channel, ARISE 360, which will be entertainments-based with fashion, music, sport and pay per view films, will start broadcasting toward the end of the year.

While announcing the launch of the station, Mr. Obaigbena stated that the television station  would rival existing giants like CNN, BBC and others in the global market.

It was also said that the news channel will have a strong African footprint, though with international coverage of under-served communities in the United States and other parts of the world when it begins full broadcasting operation across the globe before the end of this year.

He said  ”We will attract a global audience interested in emerging markets, developing countries and evolving politics. With headquarters and bureaux throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, we are ready to speak to our audience and give them a voice as well.

“We are a new international network established to reflect the new world order not hardwired to the old and built to reflect the modern way news is consumed. Nowhere is this more important than in the emerging economies. There will be no state funding and no state agenda. Our coverage will be balanced, comprehensive and completely independent.”

Born in 1959 in Ibadan, Nigeria, Mr. Obaigbena grew up in  Benin City. He studied Creative Arts and English at the  University. After working on Time and Newsweek’s special sections on sub-Saharan Africa, he founded  THIS WEEK, as a weekly publication in 1987. Later he set up the daily THISDAY newspaper.

He was known for ambitious projects. He once published THISDAY in South Africa but he was forced to shut down operations due to his inability to cope with the South African laws on conditions of service of workers.


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Arise TV: Launches in London
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